Sunday, April 23, 2017

keeping warm


The plan that day was to explore Thong Lor, in search of a bakery Yuli's sister told us beforehand. It rained while we were having lunch at the usual Thai eatery nearby, luckily it turned to light drizzle by the time we walked to the bus stop.
I wonder if I had Thai tea that morning...if I didn't, I probably had bought it the next day.


Waiting for the downpour to stop at BTS Ekkamai. If I remember correctly, it was the following weekend of the passing of king Bhumibol Adulyadej. The entire nation wore monochrome to express condolencewhich reminds me I once made a huge mistake regarding dress code, which I'll explain next time.

The ads at MRT/BTS replaced by message of sympathy. I saw boxes of black ribbon left for anyone to take on the street, my coworker even handed out black ribbon for us to wear at work. The connection between a king and his people was a fascinating sight that felt almost surreal,


Endless steps and not a sight of the bakery's existence. Of course we were hungry after a long, splashy walk to Thong Lor. A lot of Japanese expat resides at Ekamai, so there are rows and rows of Japanese restaurant around the area. We hopped into one, secretly praying that it had reasonable price. It was! Two broke students ate in delight.

Long story short, after asking around in hand gesture combined with more walking in the rain we found the said bakery. The cloudy weather affirmed our plea to have much-needed rest, so after we got off the bus we made our mind to a random Thai massage parlour and had a 60 minute foot massage.

To this day, I can say that was one of the best decision I've ever made in my life.


Somehow we didn't stop there. Before going home, we visited TCDC at The Emporium shopping mall. Per this month, it has moved to the Grand Postal Building near to our then apartment. That's why during that time they had an exhibition of TCDC future planning for 2017.

They were having a leather strap workshop behind the exhibit space. The fee was reasonable, so naturally we signed up and as usual ended up as the last people leaving. Went inside the lounge and had information overload at how broad their book and material collections were. Too bad we didn't stay long as it was nearing the closing time,

It was roughly two weeks before the departure to our home country. I remember an overwhelming poignant feeling of wanting to preserve all the comfort I felt during my brief stay. Thus I started documenting everything more intensely (it was already constant picture snapping before, picture my camera roll filled with this kind of photo).

Time flies, especially when you are on a roller coaster ride.
Please excuse the bombardment of stories about my life in Bangkok scheduled for next few weeks, because my memory capacity is running low and I'm worried that I will lose trace of important details. I'm only anxious about everything, after all...

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