Thursday, April 13, 2017

anything today

I was so close clicking the Publish button for this post until I had to give my laptop up for several days due to hinge problem, and so began my days without an object I'm attached to (went great, I even finished a book). All is good now 🌼

Just passed a week pressed with so much anxiety.

Still baffled on how I finished my pre-thesis defense unharmed, maybe that's why 7 days after and I still refuse doing any kind of final project related work ;;
It's been months spending my time mostly at home and I can't complain, I love being inside my peaceful nest. Only thing that bothers me is the downfall of my gregariousness. All that years spent brushing my zero social skills.... my teenage self wouldn't really be proud.

Oh well, still better than having the wrong company all the time.
Meanwhile, some snaps from my phone:

2 3

1. Though taking care of them is somewhat painful and bothersome, the boost of self-confidence after putting cute earring on my piercing is worth it

2. My fortunate ass won this pretty Alexandra Grecco tulle skirt and I couldn't be any happier! I asked people which color should I pick and everyone's choices opposed mine. Thankfully in the end I went along because that    color is pERFECT. The tax costed me a broken heart though so I will definitely treasure it

7 9

3. Uni's 3d Print lab window was foggy and out of nowhere some irresponsible students wrote Mimi there. To this day I still wonder what Mimi means... A brave friend of mine saw the opportunity and quickly wrote Peri besides. Mimi Peri. Hehe (does that makes us responsible because we finished what they started?)

4. A very glamorous job, sanding carton into shapes. Sweeping all the dust afterwards was even more glamourous hahaha

6 5

5.Dusk seen from my window so beautiful it ended my procrastination. My working (and basically everything) spot is in front of the window so I can get all the sunlight and sometimes, scenery like this. Recently it rained a lot too, which helps set up the mood, to sleep even longer...

6. I'm hooked on aromatheraphy ever since I moved back to my house. Looking at the whole room filled with light is a serene experience, note to self: be careful not to fall asleep and leave the candle burning ;;

4 8

7. Satisfying in taste and appearance wise, brownies I ordered from a friend! /mouth waters/

8. Wooden elephant stopper I only had the chance to use recently. Bought it two years ago at Jepara during uni trip because I wanted to bring their famous wooden carving craft home but I'm broke so I resorted to buy something small instead

The and.

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