Sunday, February 5, 2017

you will always be

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This was my second time to Batu Secret Zoo, so the whole day was mostly spent with observing the details I missed during the first visit (2014). To my surprise there were a handful! Including Safari Farm which allows visitors to ride open roof Jeep and witness how animals there behave when they have associated Jeep coming equals to food. In short, I've never been that close with so many overly eager Mesofaunas (ฮฆ ๏ปŒ ฮฆ)

Tried some of the theme park attractions, too! All of which gave me nightmare haha.
I think my subconscious is trying to erase my memory of the haunted house because little I can remember about it other than it's equipped with never ending hall and walking with squinted eyes while being sandwiched by nine other people wasn't enough to conceal my fear (or am I just that weak). I've decided to stick to reading and watching anything supernatural-related only afterwards, thank you.

And the roller coaster, let's just say I never knew that I had that much urge to live inside. All the sky-throwing rides I've ridden for my whole life can't compare to this loopless ride and its structure creaking on every turn (͘เน‘̊/﹏\)

The weather was nice that day so all the animals came out for the sun. Still an enjoyable visit, even after the  additional entertaining thrills. Maybe because your companion matters?


  1. Ah! bener bener harus merealisasikan pergi ke Batu Scret Zoo ini! THanks for sharing, Pris! I love Leopard, because oh my God those exact pattern, how could it be!

    1. Aku gemes bangeeet sama telapak kaki leopardnya ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Iya! Terawat + udara Batu adem2 gitu jadi bawaannya seneng aja disana. Harus banget ci ke Secret Zoo, can't wait to hear your own experience! :)


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