Saturday, December 31, 2016

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Due to my ~stagnant~ student responsibility in order to focus on final project, I have free time in my pocket and has been spending half of December meeting up with good ol' friends, if not having my shadow as my own company.
This time were my female high school friends' turn. Felt like just yesterday we were fooling around in our plaid uniform. Soon we will no longer be students.

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We met up at Heynature Café, located in the area where I spent most of my teenage days. Few months ago, coming back after much time lingering around my university, I was shocked how Kelapa Gading has changed after I graduated high school. Especially how café and coffee shop breed so many minions alike. But with those Insta-worthy interiors, I wouldn't complain. It was my wish for these kind of places to open, only several years ago! Anyway the photos were all taken from my phone, should have brought camera but as I said before, I was lazy valued practicality.

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I love the freedom of being adult, but chatting about stupid student shenanigans, such as how the Biology lab was almost burned during our practicum or ghost encounter at the first floor restroom, are always needed to remind me how less responsibility was needed back then and how I have grown since.


It's the last day or 2016. With this blog, it's been six years of a story of growth well-told (I hope you don't have that much free time, but if you compare my earlier post with the current, the difference is very obvious I am so ashamed!!!11 Still keeping them anyway so I can always look back).

2016 in a nutshell: I have no regret this year. Here's to more joy in the ordinary; Happy New Year! 🎆

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