Friday, November 4, 2016

and as we manage to live on we all eventually disappear

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In the afternoon of our another weekend outing, we passed by The Jam Factory, which turned out was just a ferry cross away from where we lived. Home to the hipsters, there were live indie band playing, coffee shop x bookstorethe usual combination, art gallery, and local brand market.
After what seemed to be a long journey visiting Wat Arun in the morning and the pain of walking around led by Google Maps and intuition, a kind, kind lady's gesture of hailing songthaew for us in order to get here was greatly appreciated. I enjoyed the vibe thoroughly, leisurely Saturday afternoon by the river.
It never stops amuses me, how people of this country appreciates and applies design in what seems to be anything, in any form. I think I've brought a piece of their creativity back home.


  1. there goes all the sticky sweat. saya manusia lengket~

    1. i deal with my personal problems the same way i deal with my homework.

      i don't.


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