Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Come, sorrow is so peculiar

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After months of misery, finally.

This holiday I spent more time with myself,
though still far, I made quite a progress to understand the depth of my thoughts and learned to make peace with my own presence

I spent more time admiring nature,
one of my habit now that I'm home is to heed the chirping birds waking me up in the morning and go back to sleep afterwards (haha), oh and the Lavender seeds I planted earlier in December have sprouted (yay!)

I spent more time doing art,
but I have to admit because of my major the hobby slowly starts to feel like a task ;;

I spent more time widen my insight,
now that I have no reason to rush life (I never find a reason to, anyway), I read a lot. I just finished Totto-chan the other day and wondered why I didn't read it years earlier. I still have 2 more books to be delivered and loads, loads of e-books waiting to be savoured

I spent more time being in the present,
almost 2 weeks stay in a place with no network, I got rid of my phone with pleasure. Without internet and persona, there was no choice for me but to notice overlooked delight in my surrounding

it's wonderful, all the privilege and convenience living in the city
but life in secluded village was slow and carefree, and it slowly heals me

.....I guess I'll be wailing at my holiday photos a lot in the near future

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