Sunday, November 22, 2015

Reaching Semarang

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Busy morning!
That night, I slept over at friend's house and woke up early to catch the morning train. I honestly felt anxious of the thought that I'd miss the train because usually travelling with parents, if I oversleep there will always be someone who does the job waking me up from dreaming.
Countless of what ifs ran through my mind (what if we lost our way/our belongings got stolen/us girls got scammed?) and I remember kept assuring myself there is the fun of travelling-to let yourself go into the unknown and see how many spontaneous itinerary changes you can do to save your holiday (I'm a Perceiving type anyway), but still...
anyway at the end of the trip, turned out every scenario of misfortune only existed in this overthinker mind

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It was my first long train ride, and the moment I saw the view from the window, I was sure it wouldn't be the last. Alongside watching scenery and play with our phones, 80% all we did was sleeping hahah no other entertainment 'cause the TV in front of us played this dance movie repeatedly for 8 hours straight (!!!)
Oh, and the train has charging socket available at every seat row, woohoo!

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Arrived at last. Semarang's Tawang station looked historical, and it really is!
After dropped our luggages at the hotel we'd stay in the next 3 days, we had lunch at Chinatown area.
Then meeting the son of my tutor; the childhood friend of mine who has painstakingly come from Ambarawa, only to go back to Ambarawa again bringing 2 lost children haha.
By the time we arrived at our Ambarawa guest house, it was already evening. We were really exhausted from the 2 hour bus ride (the bus has natural wind-powered air conditioner huhu) + whole day public transportation travel and rushed to the bathroom after. I think it was one of the greatest shower I've ever had!


  1. I'm glad that you had a comfortable journey and nothing bad happened to you.

    1. thank you Carlyn! yes thankfully aside from a tourist scam or two we totally enjoyed our time there :)


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