Sunday, November 22, 2015

Reaching Semarang

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Busy morning!
That night, I slept over at friend's house and woke up early to catch the morning train. I honestly felt anxious of the thought that I'd miss the train because usually travelling with parents, if I oversleep there will always be someone who does the job waking me up from dreaming.
Countless of what ifs ran through my mind (what if we lost our way/our belongings got stolen/us girls got scammed?) and I remember kept assuring myself there is the fun of travelling-to let yourself go into the unknown and see how many spontaneous itinerary changes you can do to save your holiday (I'm a Perceiving type anyway), but still...
anyway at the end of the trip, turned out every scenario of misfortune only existed in this overthinker mind

DSC_0352 DSC_0375
It was my first long train ride, and the moment I saw the view from the window, I was sure it wouldn't be the last. Alongside watching scenery and play with our phones, 80% all we did was sleeping hahah no other entertainment 'cause the TV in front of us played this dance movie repeatedly for 8 hours straight (!!!)
Oh, and the train has charging socket available at every seat row, woohoo!

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Arrived at last. Semarang's Tawang station looked historical, and it really is!
After dropped our luggages at the hotel we'd stay in the next 3 days, we had lunch at Chinatown area.
Then meeting the son of my tutor; the childhood friend of mine who has painstakingly come from Ambarawa, only to go back to Ambarawa again bringing 2 lost children haha.
By the time we arrived at our Ambarawa guest house, it was already evening. We were really exhausted from the 2 hour bus ride (the bus has natural wind-powered air conditioner huhu) + whole day public transportation travel and rushed to the bathroom after. I think it was one of the greatest shower I've ever had!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Life Lately #2

1 2 as a consolation for my crumbling body and mind this harsh week, yesterday I left class early with few friends to find refreshments. While strolling around the shady park we realized that we were surrounded by lizards (they seem to breed a whole generation there...), walked off in a rush from the area and found this koi pond

3 4 after years of not visiting game centre, I finally did; only to meet these kiasu gamers who thought their family own the place so they could monopolize a particular machine and spend a handful tens of thousands Rupiah for building my claw machine maneuver skill. Had enough with being scammed by rigged machines after dozens of tries, at last I won my first UFO catcher plushie. Perfectionist never gave up! (¬‿¬)

5 6 7 8 had lunch with Monica and her daughter Mont Blanc
9 10 I...'m sort of, being in a position which requires me to lead people. And with this much storm (still) going in my life, to lead myself alone is already an agony, let alone others.
Well I realize whining or cutting isn't going to bring me any improvement or lessen my responsibility so lately I've been absorbing myself in watercolor painting. The idea of pouring my emotion into transluscent colors soothes me.
It's pretty hard to maintain the practice frequency because of works and whatnot. But slow progress is a progress. yeah?

11 12 13 14 another lunch date ended by taking the newly-bought balloon a visit to the book store


Last week a close family member passed away. It upset me badly that I couldn't be present during her last hour, neither I could make it to see her face for the last time.
Grief made the last 6 days spent with pretending passed in slow motion. Last night I distanced myself from others (gosh how I hate LINE chat), ate to my heart content, and watched The Changeling.
Today I feel a bit better. :)
but haven't gotten any assignment done hahaha
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