Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Then I’ll compliment you later

DSC_0134 DSC_0212 DSC_0373 2 DSC_0381
Admiring the peaceful scenery along Rawa Pening. We rented a small boat with the capacity of 8 people (the only one available...) though there were just two of us inside hahahah. Acting like rich tourists and not wanting to lose a cent from our savings at the same time, we took a lot of photos eventhough all we did was posing similar poses.
Came home broke but it was worth it.

Now I'm busy but I'm good! Being productive by realizing I don't have much time to be spent thinking about unnecessary stuff help shifting my thought from destructing myself. The downside is....I'm prone to illness because of all the physical strength needed to pass another day. But no worries I still find a lot of little gifts to be thankful for 
(Will get to the comments later this weekend! hehe until then, take care guys!)


  1. Nice pictures Prisilia. I hope you remain in good health.

    1. thanks, Carlyn! I make sure I eat right to make up for the lack of sleep


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