Monday, July 20, 2015

If the sunlight covers us, it’ll melt

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Almost a year (!) ago I visited this rooftop bar who provided beautiful tone for my pictures,
not a big fan of lounge bar or beach club and such (which evolves well in Bali I know), but after a visit I find myself enjoying the atmosphere when it's not crowded. Plus with the view, what can I say more?

Funny tidbits (bananalace do you remember this?) before finally we decided to go upstairs, we were waiting at the hotel lobby, taking obligatory touristy photo until a guy walked closer and offered to help us with the photo-taking, added by a self-proclaimed description by his friend that he was a Nikon photographer.
I handed my Nikon dslr to him, followed by a question where the flash button is...(ノ_<。)
After few snaps, us girls were running out of poses so we turned to each other asking for ideas. That's when the guy's friend shouted to him, "Indonesia juga, bro!" (Indonesians too, bro!) meaning they thought we were foreigners all expected after another shot those not-so-good Samaritans left with red face and probably broken heart hahaha;

but at least we got pretty picture of us three.
Thanks, Nikon photographer!


  1. Nice photos Prisilia! I agree that when a place is not as crowded, it is more relaxing. I like your story about the guy who took your photos. I thought it was going to end with him stealing your camera though because of how dubious he seemed.

    1. fortunately there is a security officer near the lobby so even though he seemed fishy I could just scream or run for him haha ;;
      without the backstory it looks like an ordinary shot right? I really appreciate it that you always read the post to the smallest detail, thank you Carlyn! :)

  2. these are nice shots, and you forget to post it a year ago? Hihihi.
    Maybe that guy thought you guys were from Phillipine, well you guys a bit resembles Filipinos girl :) Hope you having a nice getaway this holiday!

    1. also, I always adore your copywriting skills for your blogpost caption :')

    2. you know what, I got most of them from song lyrics hahaha (shy) but thank you <3
      I always procrastinate, so this kind of thing often happens /// now that you mention it, with the tan skin, yes! haha maybe he mistook us with other SEA country resident :p

  3. Gorgeous photos ✿♥‿♥✿

  4. hahaha XD omg the story behind the photo tho.
    a very beautiful place it is! the blue sky is so lovely

    filicia | Candy After Dinner

    1. I still have good laugh whenever I remember about it hahaha
      it is! in the afternoon it tends to get crowded, though :o


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