Thursday, April 2, 2015

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A post to indicate I'm still alive! Hehe
Last weekend was maybe the only time I finally could breathe the fresh air outside uni ;; over the span of one month, I fell sick a few times. Ugh seems like this fragile old lady couldn't handle sleepless night working on project anymore. I've never caught illness this easy before, who to blame?
One more week to finals and then I'm going somewhere again! ୧(๑•̀ᗝ•́)૭


  1. Lovely pictures ^_^ Good luck with all your finals coming up! xxx


  2. Good luck on your studies. I find that if I work too hard and don't have enough rest I get sick so I remind myself to take breaks. The chocolate cake looks so decadent. I hope it was delicious as it looks.

  3. cewek follback aku donk?


  4. oh my godness, whatever that is--the melted choco thingy, it looked so so so tempting ugh. is that chocolava?
    yeah, that sounds super cliche, doesn't it? but life works that way. and yes yes yes yes, let's hang out and talk about things! and even traveling somewhere. really. to the beaches, mountains, some old ruined building somewhere. i think that would be soo much fun.

    and for you too, all the best for this tiring uni life! :')x

  5. Harlos, how are you, still remember me?


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