Thursday, December 11, 2014

Life Lately #1

I personally think my blog has become nothing but just adventure stories, so here's a daily life photo dump post, along with descriptions. For more square-shaped photos, follow my Instagram, maybe? ヾ( ・`⌓´・)ノ゙

1 & 2 Holiday coordinate shots taken in June ;;
The sailor top was a steal and it's really cute! Found it at an online recycle boutique.
I really like it when I can help small business owner instead of splurging my money at retail stores teen crazed about. Sometimes these stores put a really high price just for a piece of clothing you can find everyone wearing (  ゚_ゝ゚) plus they lead you to consumerism...

3 Had lunch at the newly-opened (haha yes) Ikea in Indonesia. The meatball was.....ordinary
4 As silly as it sounds, I fell and sprained both of my ankles last month. They were swollen for 2 weeks but thankfully the left wasn't as bad as the right one. Walking down the stairs seemed like an eternity during the healing period but I'm fine now! Though with no heavy movement for the feet at the current time.

5 & 6 Made my own standing mirror for a subject's exam. A little messy but I'm a proud maker (゚∀゚)
I remember that I was tight in time during the making. On the finals week I barely had rest at all, haha. Didn't sleep a bit to make this mirror and the tutorial because I aimed for a high score. And wheee the result wasn't bad.

7 On my last day of staying in friend's place, one of her woof pack suddenly asked for a pet nnngh how cute! When I first arrived she ignored my hand hahaha
8 Strawberry-picking in Batu, Malang

9 Obligatory gift shop mirror selfie.
And yes I'm nearsighted! That's why I don't call people out first when I don't have my specs on because I've had my share of embarrassing moments when I greet the wrong person /sobs
10 A café with beautiful Christmas decoration *,*

11 Pretty outfit shot
12 The view from my plane back to Jakarta. I've found myself getting used to my one-man journey. In fact I'm starting to enjoy it because you've got more time to contemplate and focus on the things that matter to you alone.
Especially on a flight, you never know who's sitting next to you. One time I'm on the same row with a kind elderly couple, and another time with a good looking Japanese brothers hahaha.

Another story during a trip, just the day before yesterday I sat next to a woman who brought 3 little kids on the angkot. She was talking to this lady seated across her. I couldn't help but overheard them and knew the fact that this woman has 5 kids, which are left with no dad because he passed away few months after the youngest one born. Now this strong woman works and take care of her children alone.
And like there isn't enough sorrow for the family, the tablet which the children bought with money from their piggy bank was stolen when they were sleeping at home.
Hearing her talking I was honestly stunned. That kind of soap opera-like struggle still presents and is around us. I'll take that as an eye-opener and a reminder from God to be grateful!
Ah, another reason to ride public transportation besides the price. Let's just hope the criminal rate goes lower...


  1. Wow! Very nice pictures. But yeah, I usually will never shop at the mall. Maybe a couple times a year I may actually look at a retail clothing store, haha -- but even rarer for me to even buy something. Goodwill, Etsy, and DIY is where it's at.

  2. i bet you got such a drawer full of cutie and lovely tops! they're adorable!
    and anyway, you're right, how on earth ones could buy an overpriced sweater which everyone else wears too; that's not really worth it , isnt it.

    ps: so glad to see your post on my feed again, have a nice day x

  3. 'The meatball was.....ordinary'
    There's no lies spoken /cackles/


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