Thursday, September 18, 2014

The sea before your eyes

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It took me 4 days to finish this post....for the past 3 days I always fall asleep in front of my laptop until morning......well I guess I am tired.
Everyone's energy is drained this semester, some of us stay at uni until night comes preparing for our exhibition this coming September 22nd and slowly by the end of the day as the stress level increases, our true traits show haha. I don't really mind, though. It's a relief to know that the quiet ones has their limit too.
Anyway! As overdue as it gets, these photos were taken on our second day in Bali. Went to hotel's private beach and had our time collecting snapshots before heading out. Breakfast buffet is one of my favorite, huhu! I want moreヽ(;▽;)


  1. you look so pretty <3
    love all the photos, and beach !!! OMG!! rindu pantai :(

    This is real and This is me

  2. Pretty pictures! Are they in Bali?
    Ps: you look skinnier (!!!), and your white top is so lovely xx


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