Saturday, July 26, 2014

Face the dawn again

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Slowly recovering all my drained energy back haha. I spent tonight doing non-productive activity and it feels really good to be a couch potato with internet connection once again after weeks of being an active and responsible freshman. Plus Idul Fitri break is coming so I'll have another seven days to assure myself I love my life!!
Seems like I never finish posting about my Lampung trip. And I still have a lot of life events to tell here! Okay, maybe not a lot. Because all the photos I thought I was going to feature in my blog post went to Instagram :x
These was taken on our last afternoon at Kiluan Bay. Yuliana was busy looking for seashells while I tried to take as many pictures of the scenery (uh, and myself) as I could. But I joined her later and collected pretty shells for myself. The next day when we reached the city after hours of exhausting drive, we went to the post office and sent a letter along with the shells to our home addresses (ノ⊙ヮ⊙)ノ both kids are too selfish to share what they found to person other than themselves hahaha.
...and that brown cone shell is now sitting prettily in a glass jar on my working desk (。 ◠ヮ◠)


  1. totally agree having a lazy day is much needed at times :)
    Kiluan Bay look so beautiful and calm. Your photos are awesome! I especially like the gif's :)

  2. These pictures are SO SO SO lovely!
    You look so cute and that beach seemed super calm and relaxing!
    Anyway, i guess you're still on holiday, so enjoy the rest of the holiday! x

  3. So lovely~ I love the beach. I use to live 20 minutes from a beach but I recently move back to the city.


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