Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I see you and you walk right into my heart

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Hi I'm slacking off a bit from doing my assignment because I want to make your days better with some beautiful sceneries. I didn't kid you when I said nice clothes, did I? Haha.
Pulau Kelapa, or Kelapa (Coconut) Isle  is located 7 minutes away by boat from the bay we stayed at. The only occupant here is the family that runs the humble cottage, and their guests, of course, which explains the quiet vibe.
Even though I visit beach a lot, I must admit that beach isn't really my favorite kind of place, haha. I dislike this sticky feeling you get when the saltwater runs after your legs, the blazing sunbeam, and the crowd of sweating people (me included). But quiet beach is a whole different story ● ⋏ ●

Anyway recently I was being really forgetful, 2 weeks ago I left my camera when I was having lunch with my friend. I thought it was robbed already but thankfully the restaurant waiters kept it. 4 days ago I went out straight after I took my money out of the ATM machine. Lost my ATM card so I had to get a new one~ and again, thankfully nothing was taken from my bank account.....
Then yesterday a desperate guy with motorcycle tried to steal my laptop bag with my 1 day old laptop inside (be careful, guys...ಥ‿ಥ). The pull in and pull out act was really intense the bag grip was torn hahaha. He left (with sprained arm, I think) in the end.
I didn't care whether I got the strength of holding the bag tightly from all the seizures with my brother or from all the workouts on Youtube I watched, nevertheless I thank God endlessly for all the blessings I received, regardless I realized it or not *:`♪:*:。*・☆*. May has really been an eventful month so far. I just hope no criminal-related incident happens to me again haha. I had enough~! (༎ຶ བ ༎ຶ ||)


  1. I'm glad that your laptop didn't get stolen. That must have been a shocking experience. How fortunate that you didn't lose your money and camera.

  2. Great place dear!


  3. such amazing place! beautiful shoot too <33
    would you like to follow each other ? :)


  4. I do adore a quiet beach as well ^-^ and love the smell of the sea ^-^ and wow, a lot happened *O* quiet a story. I'm glad everything turned out fine in the end! And I adore the book : 'the little prince!!' ^-^


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