Monday, April 28, 2014

This part of town reminds me of sunny afternoons

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Hello! I was already back at home on Friday, but the energy recovering took another 2 days....
This was our first day. Yuliana and I went out from my place early in the morning to catch the bus to the ferry port AND turned out there was none that heads straight to Port of Merak in our area. So we had to ride a random bus, walk few miles until we got the right vehicle (༎ຶ བ ༎ຶ ||). Lucky us because we got in in less than a minute before the bus departed. Oh, and yes the public transportation in Indonesia is messed up. That's what makes our trip more challenging hahaha.
Then things went smoothly after. We took our seat in the ferry, and waited patiently for our arrival in Lampung. Around 2, we made it to Port of Bakauheni, and rode travel to eventually be dropped in front of our hostel. Um, travel is how we call personal-owned car that's illegally used as public transportation (ಥ⌣ಥ). It's pretty common in big cities, as far as I know.
We originally wanted to ride bus from the port to its terminal in the heart of the city. But considering the time and our safety, few earlier plans should be replaced. A ferry crew came near our seat and advised us not to go to the bus terminal, after asking few questions regarding our trip. It seems like 2 high-school looking girls who travel alone attracts lots of attention (...and everyday we would meet at least one people who was curious enough to ask about our being huhu)
During our days in Lampung, we met plenty of kind people who gave us directions, suggestions, and even be a companion. After witnessing all the filthy stares, racist remarks, and rude gestures, the kindness of a random stranger was something we would appreciate grandly.


  1. I envy you for always going to such beautiful places and as usual your pictures are all so lovely. I'm waiting for the next post!!! <3


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