Monday, April 14, 2014

I'll be here beneath the stars

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So this is the smell of freedom, haha~ I just hit my semester break and so I thought I should post something in the celebration of this! Finally no more torturing nights with no sleep and backpain of too much slouching, cutting paperboards on the least for the next 2 weeks (seriously I'm opposing my uni idea of its three semester program which has just started from my academic year...)
But no worries now, I hope I can blog more in return of my absence 〃゚ー゚)ノ
The photos were from January (!!!) where my friends (oh hi Steffi!) and I still have enough spare time to go outside and see the daylight (-д-`) we visited Beatrice Quarters and couldn't stop taking photo of the pretty teacup. Next time I go there I will surely order the tea hahaha.


  1. Hi! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog :) Yes, baby breath is pretty! Good luck for third semester too! I got barely no holidays after mid-terms -___- but, 3 months holiday awaits after final term which is I've to move to 5th semester! It's nice to hang out in a pretty place with good friends like that, you really a vintage lover ..

  2. Aw I hope you enjoy your semester break! I can't wait until mine. ; -; The One Piece polaroids are so cute. :)


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