Tuesday, January 28, 2014

That sometimes saltwater is healing

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My most awaited time during the holiday was afternoon when the sun wasn't shining so bright. We would go to the beach together (it's just a few steps away from the house) and played until the high tide came.
I enjoyed soaking my head and searching for the place with the most coral, swimming with tropical fishes below me. When I'm bored, I would make fingerlings running in panic by trying to catch them.
I really like the fact that when I'm holding my breath underwater, the only sound I would hear is mine. Or maybe my dad shouting that local fishermen often found stingray and shark at the area (the caution was true haha, the peninsula nearby is literally named Shark Peninsula in local language). I must admit I almost got a heart attack there, though.
Sometimes my brother would ask me to do the dumbest thing underwater like doing the only handstand he can, or playing guess-the-song that ended up making me laugh and choke myself with saltwater. I hardly meet him these days it somehow makes him become nicer towards me...
Watching the sea waves running made me feel at ease. The solitude feeling was really enlightening. I guess having no service on your phone could be a good thing sometimes.
Ah, the rambling becomes so long (ノ_<。) I guess it can't be helped. I miss home and I'm tired of smiling ☆ ~(‘▽^人)

Posting this when I should be doing research for my paper, couldn't resist the urge to blog \( ಠ益ಠ)/
Will visit your pages this weekend people ;; sorry I'm late in giving out response...


  1. It sounds sooo fun. I want to go there ; A ;
    Good luck with your research paper

  2. Must be nice living so close to the beach! I hardly ever go haha. :') The seaside is quite relaxing when there aren't too many people around. :) Good luck with your paper!

  3. what a beautiful place to go!
    nice holiday shoot !! =D

    follow each other to be friend?


  4. What a nice place! Everything looks so quiet and idyllic! I can't wait to visit VN this year again to see those places, too :)

  5. You always have the most breathtaking pictures<3


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