Thursday, December 5, 2013

In this place without you, I fight with loneliness

Rainy day like this reminds me of Ginza. And remembering it makes me realize I haven't tell the story of what happened after I left Sensoji temple. Oh no, it's going to be can skip the words if you want.

We headed to Akihabara and stopped by at a duty free shop. Whoa, elders rushed to compare the price of the electronics there with the ones in Jakarta . As for me I wandered around the 5 (or 6?) story building, and magically ran into a purikura. YAY. And took photo alone.....hahaha.
Rather sad but I didn't even dare to wish that I would find a photo sticker booth in the first place. Was shaking the whole time because it was one of my greatest childhood dream, ever since mangas have been poisoning my mind.
And panicked because at first I still managed to figured out what the machine said; it was quite the same with the usual photo booth I've used here (plus with the help of Purikura Guru....) but after the machine told me to go to the next machine to decorate my photos I was totally lost. Like. I couldn't find my photos in every screen of every decorating booth. Besides, it was near the time of our tour group to left for Ginza. You know how scared I am. WHAT IF SOMEOne-let's say a guy with her girlfriend want to mark their first anniversary with purikura but find my face instead. OR imagine a bunch of high school girls laughing at my pose (come to think of it why would local teenager go to duty free shop and take photo sticker there somemore).
But in the end it worked. Sobs. Turned out I was supposed to wait for about 5 minutes for the photo in the decorating machine to come out. The rest I just randomly tapped on the Japanese words I found nice looking HAHAHA. I got 2 sets of print (because I chose the 'best friend course') and managed to get on the tour bus in time. Hahahaha thanking Indonesian and their not-so-punctual habit .
Oh, and if you want to hear something about maid cafe. You can spot the maid with parasol on the right bottom corner of the photo above, by the way. I saw about 3 maids in front of the building of their cafe handing flyers to passerby, being all smiley but no one seemed to pay attention . No wonder actually because most of the passerby was working man. But I felt kinda bad for the maids...

DSC_0700 DSC_0704DSC_0708
And it's Ginza . Here I just walked along the road and bought few things that was on sale haha.
I was visiting the big Uniqlo building. Around the escalator, glasses were formed in an U shape so they surround the escalator. When I was on my way downstairs I looked up and saw a little boy pressing his face to the glass making weird faces and this girl's taste in humour is really low so she laughed quite hard while pointing at the boy (I know it's rude I just wanted to show it to my dad heh heh) until the boy noticed someone was paying attention to him the whole time. He also laughed hahaha. We all laughed but not her mother-who was busy queuing at the cashier. Thankfully by the time she turned her head to us I was already downstairs .
But the boy was so cute!


  1. I want to go <3
    To be honest, what happened with the purikura machine is the kind of thing that makes me hesitant about going. What if I don't understand something and do something wrong :'( I know it's not that bad, I'm a foreigner after all with limited knowledge of the language, but I'm worried I'd feel so super embarrassed I won't try anything anymore.

  2. Purikura was fun www
    I really want to purikura alone by myself sometime

  3. I'd love to go there! It looks amazing. So jealous!

    The Girly Gamer

  4. I really wanna visit Japan :D

  5. Reading your story making me wanna go there ;) didn't you took a pic of that cute boy ? I'm curious hihi


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