Tuesday, December 3, 2013

But foolish you makes me frustrated

DSC_0505 DSC_0507
Hello. I am terribly sorry for being inactive for almost a month
It's not that I'm always busy. When I want to blog, I have no time. When I have spare time, the urge to start typing a blog post is nowhere to be found. Anyway, I've finished my first semester of uni and is on holiday until early January , my grades? HAHA uni life isn't as tough as my high school days imo but I'm not sure why it's really hard to bear good fruit. Still acceptable, but I'm not really satisfied with the result. Next term, then  .
I hardly have time to go photo-hunting because usually if I'm not doing my assignment, on weekend I go back home ;; so I'll try to spend my time wisely this holiday family already have plan where we'll be going for vacation so I hope everything will go on smoothly.
Well then wishing everyone a good day, I'll post more in few days time! (ya I hope at least one person is looking forward to it hahaha bye!)


  1. Ah! You're back! Welcome back, dear!
    Beautiful pictures as always. And is that Hatsune Miku I see in your insta-feed? wwww

  2. "I'm not sure why it's really hard to bear good fruit" DAMN TRUE HAHA :")

  3. I hope you do even better next semester.

  4. Congrats on your first semester, even if you don't think you did as well a you could've- I think most people feel this way (I did too!)
    Your photos look great though; they seem to buzz with happiness.


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