Monday, November 4, 2013

The emptiness in the morning is not so lonely

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When I was browsing about nice eateries to visit in Yogyakarta, I came across articles about Artemy Italian Gelato. Our main purpose actually was to eat authentic Javanese food as many as we can (it's Jogja, afterall), but when we were walking around the block on our first day, turned out that this place is just about a nice 5 minute walk from my friend's aunt place (the one which we stayed at).
So before our long car ride on the fifth day we went here for breakfast. Some western food wouldn't hurt ( ◡⁀◡ ) plus the interior is so nice!

Artemy Italian Gelato and Coffee Shop:
Jalan Kranggan No. 58 Yogyakarta


  1. It looks nice! And now I'm hungry for some desserts.

  2. Artemy ice cream is so good! Did they renovated the place?? It looked different from 2 years ago when I visited


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