Sunday, October 20, 2013

My plan is to wallow on your smiling pictures

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Went to the zoo with Elizabeth! I came long after the appointed time (;▽;), sorry...
It was crowded that day, thankfully the weather wasn't too hot, and I hate that I had to photoshop the trashes on the road. These uneducated people really, they even threw junks into cag-Okay I'll stop let's just keep the happy vibe on this post and the entire blog(ΦωΦ)
I don't suggest you to visit Ragunan zoo near public holiday, more people = more trash. I went here 3 years ago on quiet weekday and as long as I can remember nothing bad happened!
But despite of the uncooperative surroundings I had a real fun(^∇^)from taking turns in snapping photos until searching for deer cage (and that photo booth!) until near sunset. After all the pain from walking, I hope she still wants to go with me again haha.


  1. That's such a shame that people throw their shitty trash everywhere! And then they're wondering why mother earth is full of rubbish :(
    I also love visiting the zoo! Haven't been there for ages, I guess :)

  2. HAHAHAHA of course I still want to go there with you again! (not on hoildays aight)

  3. You girls look so sweet! Hope you had fun at the zoo.

  4. fun day! :) amazing photos too! want to visit the zoo again.
    my last visit was when i was a kid!



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