Sunday, August 25, 2013

Left alone in the scent of tears

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We visited Borobudur on our 6th day. It was beautiful! We were told before that it was gonna be really sunny there but thankfully it turned out not to be. Adult visitors are required to wear sarong the management has prepared in order to get to the temple (^▽^) The scenery was really beautiful and it wasn't that packed so the whole place gave a really peaceful surrounding. I think it's best to visit Borobudur on low season to relish it truly.
As for life, I'm back home now! And is going to leave again because tomorrow class is starting. Orientation was great! 4 days only and I already missed my bed so bad haha (and lost a kg too...). I still read blog updates from you guys with the help of campus wi-fi and my mobile but haven't been able to leave feedback because haven't installed internet yet at my (second) home. Blogwalking is the finest when it's done on pc, really. Hoping everything goes fine. Well then, good luck for life, everyone!


  1. Really nice pictures and the little blossom in your hair looks so cute!

  2. Nice pictures Priscilla. I didn't know that adult visitors had to wear a sarong. I watched a documentary about that place and that explains why the hosts were wearing sarongs. Was it hard doing the photos? In the documentary, there were tourists everywhere so it was hard to get pretty shots.

  3. good luck for your uni life then! nice pictures as always :)
    college is sometimes fun but sometimes suck .
    But definetely YES, it's more better than high school, for me.

  4. This place looks so mysterious~! lovely photos! (& outfit) ♥


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