Monday, August 19, 2013

Japan Haul

I realized there are still some photos left from the trip so I decided to make well use of them. Actually I want to compile it together with day 3 post but it becomes too long, so...(❁º◡º❁)
This post is kinda boring because it's filled with words, just skip if you want, but I should say I had fun tracing back the memories and impressions Japan had left inside me hehe.

Day 1
Beauty products! After dealing with Disney Sea's Spring Voyage cups we went to Shinjuku, got free time for about 45 minutes before dinner. Uncles will be uncles, my dad went inside LABI because of the flashy electronics but when I passed by the elevator I saw they sold beauty supplies too on particular level. Off I went.
After wasting 15 minutes squatting (with skirt, yes, so unglam haha) in front of the bottom rack deciding on which false lashes brand I should choose (until the staff were getting suspicious of me I think), I bought Diamond Lash (¥1050). Then the hair dye (¥690 each). Just in case things run out when I need them, I better buy a lot; the hoarder logic I always think ;___; but they're pretty pricey so i restrained. At least it's cheaper than when you do pre-order on online shops (╯_╰”)

Day 2
Tokyo banana (¥500 for 4 pcs) I bought on a souvenir shop at the rest area. People says it tastes amazing but I only love the banana custard cream, really delicious! The sponge cake is soft and perfectly plain, yes, but I don't feel anything special, same with the strawberry cream :S
The rest were things I bought at Gotemba Premium Outlets. I got the knit cardigan at Olive des Olive for ¥970 because they were having sale. It was marked down from ¥3000-ish (woah). And the cute wooden ornament and phone strap were from Francfranc ⊂( ̄(エ) ̄)⊃
When I wanted to pay for the cardigan I took out a 500 yen, and before I searched for more coins the staff said they didn't accept small change while showing me a paper with English-written rules (I....still have a pile of 1 yen coins at home they're really hard to get rid of). Then walked around Gotemba, and in the end decided to pay a visit to Olive des Olive again, this time, bringing more plastic bags inside.
At the cashier I was greeted as usual with a phrase I never knew the exact meaning (what if they actually mock you but you don't know) by a different shop staff. After she put my purchase inside the plastic bag she asked something and I just showed that confused smile. Then she asked if I could speak English, and turned out she asked my permission to give me a bigger bag so that I can put all my belongings inside (✪O✪) little gesture that makes you happy.
Pretty oneesan with long wavy hair, you are so kind.

It has clip inside some more ;__; so generous

Day 3 DSC_0801
It was the time that I realized was my last chance to marvel at Japan, so the shopping went a little crazy haha.
After going to Asakusa, we visited Akihabara. I took purikura (better alone than never right!) for ¥400. The Hello Kitty charm was a gift from shopping at Laox.
After that the tour bus brought us to Ginza and after passing by expensive stores mourning about life I bought G.U culottes, on sale for just ¥490 each muahaha (^◇^) And purchased Tweety folding umbrella because it was drizzling. Oh, and went in Hanamasa to buy Calpis after my tour guide said it's a popular drink.
I was walking around Venus Fort in Odaiba alone (...again) when I saw this 100 yen shop. I want to cry. Partially because it was really cheap, even cheaper than Indonesia Daiso. And also because I didn't bring money on me. Only leftover changes. After looking around the shop for several times, I purchased the glasses case, bag, charms, and those tweezers people often use for hanging polaroid. Still regret why I couldn't buy more ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ   there were also cute socks and lunchboxes too....
And the Summer themed Pocky and chocolate were from Family Mart on the ground floor of my hotel.

I think I end up writing about unimportant things more haha sorry about that. It's almost 4 AM here. I hope I can wake up early then write more overdue post before uni taking my life over(●^o^●) 


  1. POCKY😍😍😍😍😍


  2. You bought some really nice things! I want to try out more flavours of Pocky <3
    Shopping in Japan must be like heaven. Was it hard not being able to understand most things or was it okay just smiling like a confused foreigner? ^^' *wants to go to Japan badly*

  3. These are all so pretty!! I don't think Japanese shop staff will ever mock you or anything xD They seem to be quite kind. I haven't been to Japan myself but my friends who have only have good things to say about them. Also, most of the models I follow on Zipper are shop staff, and they seem to be quite nice xD

  4. The staff in Liz Lisa asked me the same thing (putting my other belongings inside their bag, Liz Lisa's plastic bag is quiet humongous). Japan is such a good place for shopping, sigh, you should try Harajuku next time, they're not as pricey as in Gotenba ^^



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