Saturday, August 3, 2013

I stared and stared, kept it always in my eyes

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I just got back from my trip ♪ photos were taken at Borobudur Museum. The whole Borobudur Temple complex was really peaceful, maybe minus the noisy temple tourists. I went there before, years ago when I was still 10 and from my vague memory it was all hot and crowded, but it was not like that at all this vacation, maybe because I paid a visit at the off peak season. 
Last week a couple of days before departing I found myself googling about this just after I burnt few of my old books filled with feelings I don't want anyone to know, just in case people find it through my possessions when I'm gone (gone as in gone, you know what I mean. Oh, that was also the time I published the last post). The feeling was horrible, like it was a sign that your end was near and anything you were doing would be the last time ( °.° ) but turned out it was only my thinking. Trip with friends and upbeat songs helped a lot. Writing about it is a remedy too.
Well that's what happening recently. During the hardship it was really hard, but after it has passed I can talk about it lightly. Also I'm currently having some things I'm (still) struggling with, but compared to people out there this is nothing. Now I shall be more hardworking before uni starts. Have a good day!


  1. nice shot :) I always love your posts .. And it's great to know that you've visited the peaceful Borobudur now. Goodluck for your Uni!

  2. I hope you're feeling much better now! I guess everybody goes through a dark period and I don't say that it's really bad to do this - it kinda testifies a certain maturity if you deal with those topics :)
    Let go of old negative feelings. Burning those books was hopefully a step forward. Wish you the best and keep your head up, lovely!

    Nice pictures btw. xx

  3. I'm so jelous of you! You've been always travelling and that's a good thing. Beautiful post as always and sometimes i feel that too, thinking that my end is near or somethin like i dun have much time left anymore so i need to do this and that, but i guess its just a kind of an overthinking. lol
    Good luck for the uni life, aren't u excited? Because i am! :)

  4. Lovely pictures!
    x Hannah

  5. The last time I visited Borobudur is a year ago days before Christmas. It was absolutely the peak season and you can imagine how horrible the place is. The weather was so hot and there are lots of people. The beauty of the temple was diminished by the crowds and people who don't behave properly (e.g sitting on the temple's stairs, throwing away trashes, etc). :( And I spotted a pickpocket! :'((( You're lucky to pay the visit on the off peak season. :)

    Hey, I always had thought like that. Doing something fun can help. Cheer up! :D

  6. I'm glad that the trip with friends, as well as music and writing helped you. I know what it feels like. *hugs*
    Amazing pictures as always <3


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