Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blossom of snow

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One of the highlight of the off (ofception..) road trip at Mount Merapi. The Javanese Edelweiss field! (✿ฺ。✿)
I kind of regret not wearing layers of pastel coloured clothes and laces because who thought the field would be this pretty (︶︹︺) but, oh, well. Next time, maybe. I don't want to stand out the most from our group with the mismatch clothing, my hair colour is already different from the rest in photo it's not nice (please dye your hair soon guys). Oh, and more on the off road later (・∀・)ノ I...need to pack things for my new place....uni is starting soon, so fast....


  1. omg i love your photos, very pretty!!! the field looks so lovely~♡

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  2. nice photos:)

  3. This field looks so nice! And you look really lovely, too :)

  4. Green is peace, green is beautiful! I like that picture when you can see a big moutain behind your back.

  5. I love the photos. My favourite is the one where you and your friends are all looking in different directions.

  6. Those are really beautiful pictures, really making me think that our country actually has a lot of beautiful spots which other countries don't. Seemed that you were havin fun with your friends!
    I've never been to a trip with lots of friends actually (study tour exceptional since its officially from school) and definitely gonna give a try! :D

  7. Wow the photos are really nice! Thanks for sharing :D

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  8. Oh this just looks like so much fun! Everything is just gorgeous here.

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  9. Wow what a beautiful place! You look lovely too! (effortlessly!) ;w;


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