Monday, August 19, 2013


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The days before Eid were like heaven. The roads were less vacant and there was no jam, not to mention less population of humans. I miss quiet Jakarta (◡﹏◡) met up with Monica and her daughter Miruku for a fat piling day,
and that's it. It's rather a pointless blog post with pictures of food and doll isn't it hahaha.
Anyway I've migrated half of my stuffs to my condo. I'm moving out tomorrow. Will be busy with orientation and first days of school, I guess. So no more spending whole day in front of computer eating snacks (´□`。)


  1. You even make pictures with food and a doll interesting and pretty :D Good luck moving out and with school :3

  2. Nice pictures. I saw kinds of that doll before, they're so awesome because you can form them how you want, it's really funny to see :)

  3. cute ^^ mw sekolah kemana?

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  4. No post is useless, dear^^
    Congrats, you're now a university student, I'm proud of you ≧∇≦

  5. Aw the doll is cute. :)
    Good luck with moving and school! :D

  6. french fried, right???

    Perancis digoreng . . . (T,T ! (~ ~ !

    it would be a funny thing when I ordered French fried in fastfood. . .

    mbak2 yang jaga kasir : siang :) mau pesan apa mas???
    aku : perancis digoreng-nya satu ya mbak. . .
    mbak2 yang jaga kasir : (~ ~ ! french fried (T,T !

  7. Really cute outfit! ~ >w<
    I wish I owned more denim~

  8. Lovely photos :) And no it's not "a pointless blog post". It's actually very expressive! I really like the last picture!

  9. how dare you call my daughter pointless! D:<


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