Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tell yourself to be myself now

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Despite the strong wind, my hair there is still better compared to mine right now (T O T;) was it because the hotel conditioner? (by the way Japanese hotel are so generous soap shampoo and conditioner are all Shiseido orz better than the ones in my home).
So after few hours ride finally reached Gotemba Premium Outlets! It was huge and divided into East and West zone. So make sure you don't lose your map which I almost did. It can fly by itself, really.
There are many expensive brands here, both Japan and international so I thought I was just gonna go with the wind and marvel at the price tags hahaha, but turned out some shops were having sale. Apparently they have Olive des Olive (and freaking Lowrys Farm too and maybe I was too blind to see it on the map and missed visiting the sore. Don't ask. I'm still regretting it ;___;) luckily it was on sale too. Such a delight to shop inside a store filled with (discounted) clothes you love and oshare shop staffs and girls who breathes the same style as you! *A*
By the way can someone tell me why Japan has so much ferris wheel in random places? It's beautiful though.

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  1. awesome photos as always dear TTuTT
    ooh my goodnesss!! you should take those soap,shampoo and conditioner home!! =)))

    I envy youuuu ;___; I want to go to Japan now haha~~


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