Thursday, July 4, 2013

It’s okay if my whole body is drenched

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It's the second day! In the morning it was really windy and not long after it started to be drizzly during my way to Gotemba. We had our lunch in a small restaurant on the roadside. I remember the whole scene was really soothing (plus the song I'm listening to kinda helps the mood) thinking about it kills me right now, I want to go there again so bad (ノ; u ;)ノ
Every time I eat in Japan the meal came with whole set like the picture above. You tell me why I'm still fat despite walking like horse there. And I was the last person to finish my lunch (was still munching on the picture above and dad got bored of waiting for me), almost everyone gave up with the massive portion but I insisted because I didn't want to waste my food (≖﹏≖) besides won't have the chance to eat same meal again haha. I forced myself to eat and in the end couldn't make it I still left 1/4 of my udon. Hhhhh. It was delicious, though!
Next post is gonna be Gotemba Premium Outlet. (´◠ω◠`)


  1. food looks so tasty!! :)
    Yes, this film "Mulan" is really great, but I warn you, it's such a sad history :) I'm very sensitive xD

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  2. You have had some great travels! The food looks delish!
    Hot Pink Day
    Libi & Lola

  3. Yummy, food looks incredible! Would like to eat that now.

  4. woow the food loooking delicious !! and you have great trip !! love the post

  5. nice restaurant. and u look pretty :)

  6. (~,~ !
    sorry, i didn't excuse U for using your words\

    i have already removed it, you can check it if U want. . .

  7. :/
    what it was like raw fish?
    how's it taste??

  8. Awesome pictures! :D The food looks wonderful!


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