Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Why am I so shy around you?

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Just arrived home from short trip to Lombok yesterday!
What's happening? I'm officially graduated from high school (yay!), had my prom, just finished driving lesson, which is actually not as hard as what I thought but I lack of patience ;___; and tend to forget things so I think I need to practice more before I can get the license.
Past 2 weeks I was really busy taking care of university preparation. I'm going to move out from home starting from August, gonna miss my comfy room for sure (〠_〠) growing up means so much responsibility but I guess I'll be fine because I'm used to take care of everything alone (so emo right hahaha) but I just hate the part when I have to make important decision, wrong turn and it's the end......(ಥДಥ)
Anyway sorry for being a slacker...I will blog more often in the future, besides, I finally got material to blog about heh heh.


  1. The clouds look cute hehe ^_^
    Congratulations on your graduation and I hope you had a wonderful time at prom ~
    Good luck with college! xx

  2. Congrats on graduation, and I wish you the best of luck with your university preparation! It's such a difficult time, so many life-altering decisions to make at once but I'm sure that if you stick to what you are passionate about that you will end up making the right choice.

  3. Congratulations on finishing high school. I hope you get your license and I hope you enjoyed your prom. Good luck on your future life in uni.


  4. always in love with your beautiful pictures! Congratulation for your graduation and good luck with your university and future! :)

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  5. Aww, you're ready with school? I'll accompany you soon because I'm going to leave my familiar surroundings as well (this summer huhu). It's also a huge step towards independence and you can make new valuable experiences. Good luck with everything :)

  6. Can't wait to hear about your university life~ I am also starting this year ;A;

  7. Congrats on your graduation ^_^

  8. Hi Prisilia! Just to inform you that you can use my artwork in your own blog. :) And don't forget for the credits, dear! ;)

  9. Congratulations on graduating! :)

  10. Amazing photos! :)


  11. nice!! congrats on you graduation dear!!! ^_^


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