Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tag Game: Ten Expressions!

Thank you pretty Sally for the tag! I actually got tagged in November 2012 (I know....) but better late than never, right? (╯°□°)╯

Copy the tag game- picture and tag someone to do 10 different facial expressions. You can choose those by your own or use same as you got. Share your expressions by pictures.
10 Expressions
I made up some of the expressions myself and added weird caption and doodle on it because I'm just plain bored (and dedicated). I forget when was the last time I spend my time this long making pretty picture in front of photoshop, let's count it as an exercise!

Tagging this to: Cherry Jade Dea Andriany Hilary Jiru Maho Xiupau
But there's always a choice to do or not to do (ノ ̄ω ̄)ノbye then, until vacation post~


  1. So cute! You have such a nice smile :3
    I'll be sure to do this tag soon ^_^

  2. Aaaah so cute!! <3 I'm definitely trying this once summer vacation starts ~
    Thanks for the tag hehe ^_^
    xx Cherry

  3. omg sounds fun!
    "Make Peace Not War" on THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-

  4. Thanks for the tag, I'll definitely try this one out! And the pictures are soo cute, I like the filter you used :)
    Small-eyed asian - rather big-eyed hihi, adorable!

  5. you look so cute! super cute!

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