Sunday, January 13, 2013


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...Luo zai zhe di qiu shang. Hahaha yes I use the line from F4's song for the title haha I just miss Meteor Garden so much. The photos were taken by my phone camera thus I can't make them big sized.
So on 31st December last year I slept at cousin's apartment and we could see the whole city scene and the cracking fireworks clearly from her room!! Like one of the best scenery I've ever seen.
And on the next day she treated me to watch Jack Reacher and eat lots, lots of food *A* just by looking at them makes my mouth watery....
I've eaten so much good and tasty food recently! Not that I'm not happy with it but I'm getting fatter....does anyone know any great diet tip? Yes I've lost few kgs past few months but I think I'l gain them back if I continue eating like this, ugh I need motivation...
Anyway because I'm kind so I made some GIFs out from the fireworks so you can see. Don't thank me (hahaha) now I'm off going to read new scanlation of Junji Ito's horror manga collection \(^w^)/


  1. Happy new year to you!! Those foods look so tempting hahaha

  2. wow, so many yummy foods :) i absolutely adore the fireworks!!
    i wish you all the best for the new year :)

  3. Happy new year, too, dear.
    Try to go to Seruni Hotel, their fireworks on New Year's Eve was beautiful.


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