Thursday, January 17, 2013

A smile looks best on you

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Hello, how are you? Did it show up on news today? That Jakarta is flooded.
It's really bad. I was supposed to have my try out for school final exam today but because the water had overflown everywhere it was cancelled and we were dismissed.
At 9 AM we left school, and on some roads the flood was already knee-high, just imagine what will happen after rain poured down for few hours afterwards.....thank God our car managed to pass by (I was really afraid it will break down and we'll be trapped inside surrounded by flood), and I arrived home safely, only after went on 3 hours journey by car + walking barefoot for 30 mins feeling the dirty water on my whole feet up to thigh with floating uniform skirt. Some friends even came home not until they walked for few hours...
I hope it won't rain too hard tomorrow. My house is built kinda high so the flood only reached my garage area but it should've reached inside some of my neighbors' house :x
Ok let's forget about the flood for a while with my photos in Secret Garden hahaha take care!


  1. I heard about the Jakarta flood today. I hope you and your loved ones won't be too effected by it. I know what it's like to endure a flood, it's a dramatic and surreal time.

  2. I hope the water doesn't get into your house. Thankfully we're still safe from the worst of flood. Hope condition gets better.
    It's very horrible especially in Sudirman Area. I was supposed to attend Japan's PM Shinzo Abe's open lecture today but it got canceled to due to rain.

  3. wow so beautiful :) moga ga tambah parah banjirnya

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  4. aa pretty garden , i love it .btw i feel so sad too jakarta is flooded. i can go any where :( i hope you're okay

  5. hy thx for stopping in my blog:)
    Lovely place full with flower.. love it
    Have a nice day dear


  6. the exams will go ok :D son't worry :) ps: love those pics <3

  7. Thank you dear :)


    Coline !

  8. im thinking of my best friend who lives in Jakarta too... :(
    but i love ur pictures so much... so lovely pictures... luv it! <3 and im following you dear..
    if you have the time, pls feel free to visit my blog and i'll be hppy if u follow my blog too... thanks <3

  9. what a beautiful photos <3
    i'm in love !

  10. wow!Lovely blog <3

    Would you like to follow each other? :)

  11. loving the plants!


  12. So beautiful photos!!!

    Happy Weekend,


  13. i totally love nature so these are absolutely gorgeous!!
    thanks for yr post is up

  14. beautiful garden! pretty flowers everywhere :D
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  15. Take care of yourself...this is the first I've heard of the floods in Jakarta. Stay indoors and stay dry!

  16. i hope everything will be better in jakarta...
    take care there!

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  17. Oh my goodness, yikes! I do hope you got through the flood with minimal damage to your home. Praying for you and the rest of Jakarta! <3

    May the force be with you.

  18. love your pics dear!!!

  19. so many beautiful flowers!

  20. These photos are so, so pretty!!

    I hope it doesn't flood anymore :(

    Carmen Ri.

  21. followback ya ci chicaa, thankyou :) x


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