Thursday, January 10, 2013

A music a week #7

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More rambling to lighten the burden in my mind. Please bear....
It's been 3 days I've gone home by myself. My usual school car can't fetch me because there are no other student than myself who needs to be picked. School to my home is more or less 11 kilometers far and because I have some makeup tests for the ones I missed in December, I have to go home by 5 PM every day. Don't imagine a nice, clean, and polished sort of public transportation in Jakarta. Angkot, it's dirty, with no aircon, and the driver drives recklessly. It's nothing rare when you feel sick inside and get out with your hair all messy. You can find me on it actually, every weekends; the days most photos on this blog were taken. Yes my life is not that glamorous you know, I don't have driver, can't drive, taxi is expensive to me, and to ask my parents to fetch me everywhere will be a nuisance for them. So I got no choice.
B-but, this time, I have to bother myself to do those damn questions with tons of formulas and recitations for 2 hours after school first and and leave school that late (sky goes dark by 6PM here, if you ask) with rain all over me because it rains every single afternoon lately. I arrive home in the evening, hair all wet, feeling dizzy, and still have to study for next day's test. How can I feel well now?!
......Anyway you can just leave comment talking over how nice the photos are (hehe), or how soothing the M/V is because by typing those text and speaking my heart out already make me feel better. This is one of the nicest music video I've ever seen, hope you like it!


  1. Ah, it's pretty much the same here in Manila!! Here we have jeepneys, which are open so all the dirt and smoke gets inside, and it's really hot in the Summer.. I'm quite used to it, lol! I want to visit Jakarta though! Some day~

  2. Thank you so much my dear <3


    Coline !

  3. okay dear.. how nice the photos are then:D
    And sometimes I do the same like your story., so it's nice to know that there are also some people there struggle with you<3

    followed you. would you mind do back? see you soon.

  4. Oh dear...I can just imagine you alone in the bus, hair getting blown messy and feeling sick.

  5. Stay strong Prisilia!~
    The photos are nice! ...
    It gets dark at 3:30-4pm-ish here lately.....& it's too cold to want to do anything...brr.....I love Standing Egg! ♪

  6. great pics and video <3 ps: I'm agree with georgia stay strong <3

  7. great blog ! Would you like to follow each other ?


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