Saturday, January 5, 2013

A music a week #6

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*Dashing to you in the speed of light* *バタバタ*  Hello! It's been 5 days since 2013 started and I feel quite bad for neglecting this blog ヽ(○´3`)ノ truth is, I'm in front of the computer every day, from the time I wake up, from afternoon until morning again more than 12 hours per day hehe /bricked.
Since I'm on holiday my life cycle only revolves around sleep => PC => sleep => PC. There are things that makes me persistent like that for sitting for a looooong period of time, of course ( *´艸 `* )
Well, since there are only 2 days left for me to enter school, please permit me to seize them. Will be back with blogging activities soon after school starts.
By the way how's your holiday going? If no one answers me (which often happens both in internet and real life) I'll be real embarrassed hahaha anyway please enjoy my photos playing with butterfly and this song from one of my favorite singer who just disappeared after releasing his first wonderful single and a year later came back with a new spelling of his name (^▽^)


  1. Nice sound :)



  2. That huge butterfly!!! <3 I remember when was a 10 years old, I saw one that the same or a bigger size butterfly in school's stair. I took it and brought it to our school garden. I miss it so much~

    Good luck in your class! :D how's my holiday going? it's boring and I'm so lazy I sleep all day long haha! my class resumes next week~ hohoho

  3. My holiday is quite enjoyable haha I must say :D
    mostly sleep->pc->sleep->pc the same as yours
    it's also my holiday's life hahaa....
    anyway love the photos, how do you get the butterfly in your hand ?
    it looks beautiful <3

  4. How fortunate that you were able to touch such a large butterfly and photograph the experience too. I think you are quite right about making the most out of your holidays before school starts. I hope you have more fun experiences. As for my holidays, they have been very busy. I have been out and about entertaining relatives that have come over for a visit.

  5. That's really a cute butterfly! :O

  6. adorable butterfly!
    happy new year!
    style frontier

  7. You are so cute and your photos are lovely!!

    Carmen Ri.

  8. that's a really nice song, thanks for sharing! :D

    <3, Mimi


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