Monday, December 17, 2012

A music a week #5

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It's great to be back again! I've only been away for 8 days but it felt like few weeks has passed haha, I didn't post any update because I was out of town for vacation to Medan 4 days only but I had fun there, ate loads of tasty foods, and took many photos!! Unfortunately my usual digital camera was broken (I know right, so sad....I've been using the exact camera for almost 4 years) and so lucky dad kindly enough lent me his dslr. I'm not really familiar with dlsr so I often took out of focus picture and don't know why but the photos taken by this camera always turns out darker than the original one (I've adjusted the ISO and brightness and things to the right set) so I was a bit troubled at first, especially when I took picture of myself, skin looked really dark and else, but thankfully we have Photoshopso for next few weeks I'll be posting about my trip. Oh, and the music I was listening to in the plane was Bolero by Kaori Mochida. So relaxing

Mochida Kaori - Bolero


  1. wow these photos are amazing <3

  2. Thanks for dropping by at my blog some days ago. Now I've done followed yours :)


  3. Even if it's not unintentionally, I like that it's unfocused ^.^ you'd almost think it's film photography rather than digital! Hope you had fun in Medan, looking forward to see the pictures.

  4. Very nice pics. Have a great day.

  5. Such a lovely post :*

    Many many kisses,


  6. Hope you had a great time in Medan. Hope to see more photos soon.

  7. Langitnya bagus banget (。♥‿♥。)
    Di Medan apa aja nih yang enak selain Bolu Meranti? Ditunggu rekomendasi kulinernya kekeke


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