Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'll wear you like a Christmas sweater

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Just wondering, would you like me to blog more often but with less photo or blog rarely but with series of excessive photos on each post? (*・ェ・*) because I'm afraid I'm lacking time to go out in the future (you know, blood type O people has the strongest need for survival...)
By the way, weather is being such a lovely lately! And I've been listening to Christmas themed songs since morning. Now gotta go (it's already this late....) as I have to study for physics test tomorrow (๑⁼̴̀д⁼̴́๑)۶ fighting!


  1. Awww you guys are so cute. I think it's up to you to decide how often you post, whether that be once a week, fortnight, or everyday. I think four photos per post is a good amount, it's a medium amount but that's only my opinion. So I guess you should think of how much you consider a lot photos for a post that way you can be happy with your choice.

  2. cute!
    it's up to you if you want less photos or not. :)
    I think you have such lovely photos :)
    good luck on your test dear! ^_^

  3. cute !
    i hope you have a good day and good luck for you test ;)


  4. Lovely post, my sweatheart!

    Have a beautiful week!



  5. Cute pictures !! ^_^ <3
    I think it's up to you. Your pictures are so cute, but whatever you think is good is good for me too. Maybe it's less stressful/time-consuming to make short ones with a couple of pics rather than a long post with lots of pictures? but it's up to you :) I like reading them regardless :

  6. Oh honey, it's totally up to you how many pictures you like to post. Whatever feels right to you.


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