Thursday, November 29, 2012

A music a week #4

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Pictures were taken during my vacation to Thailand. Noong Nooch Tropical Garden was amazing! Too bad I only snapped few decent photos of myself there, kinda regret it now.. , by the way one more day and it's December already, I really can't wait for holiday and Christmas! and thank you for the tags, I'm overwhelmed with game and award posts to be done now, sorry for those who tagged me, I'm a lazy person like this.... the end after a long absence finally here is the music

Hermin(허민) - Melody


  1. I can't wait for holiday and Christmas.. I'm so excited now! XD

  2. Wow.... it's surely fun in Thailand, i want to go there too sometimes, for travelling or backpacking maybe..
    btw, done followed u dear, keep in touch ^^
    thank u :)

  3. Oehh I'm doing a holiday post myself as well! And how cool you've been to Thailand as well!! I visited Thailand last year, it was AMAZING!

    XxX Farah

  4. Love your nice and interesting blog :)


  5. You look so sweet and pretty!

    I would like to invite you to enter the Pacifica gift set giveaway at my blog now:

  6. could U speak thailand??
    it would be seriously matter when you were asking the direction or ordering some food. . .

    #swadihaab . . . emmmmmm emmm emmm emm emm

    wkwkwkwkwkw :P


  7. Love the pictures! So calm and pretty <3

  8. I do like your style here and your photos a lot. I have followed you back via GFC.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  9. Hi there. Just wanna say that your blog is so so cute. And your header is my favorite one. Hehe, but seriously. Your photographs looks beautiful too <3
    I actually looking for some new blogger friends. Hehe, if you don't mind. I'd love to hear your reply. <3


  10. looks like a beautiful place to be :)

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