Tuesday, October 2, 2012


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Hello. Last Sunday I went to Jakarta-Japan Matsuri! It was scorching hot and crowded, but I prefer outdoor event to indoor one because there is more sunlight to take decent photo hahaha. Went with Monic and her cute, tiny daughters (read: BJDs). Guess what, right when I just entered the entrance and hit my right foot on the ground, my right sandal broke off......Thankfully Monic brought extra sandals with her so I don't have to walk barefoot...Orz
We saw some people carrying Mikoshi around and chanting "Soiya! Soiya!" and so on. The kids hitting taiko(s) behind the ojisan were real cute turned out some of them were Japanese. And 2 JKT48 members were (surprisingly!) handing our their JKT48 Theater brochure by themselves! I got kinda surprised when they were in front of me giving away the brochure. Never seen anything like that before lol.
There were so many people with yukata! Them who cosplay, too. Even in lolita clothing! I wonder if they didn't feel like burning because me with a thin piece of cloth felt like melting already....
After watching the mikoshi attraction and wandering around, then me and Monic decided to buy kakigori. I got banana milk and it tasted so good in the heat. It was also my first time trying ringoame or candy apple, waaaah, it tasted both sweet and fresh at the same time! But eating it too much brought you nauseated, though....Based on friends' experience because I didn't buy the ringoame only tried a bite.
Near in the evening, JKT48 performed, they are AKB48's sister group in Indonesia fyi and all the fanboys went hyper during JKT48's perform haha it was so fun watching the fanboys fan-chanting and dancing with lightsticks. I didn't watch the performance until it's finished because me and Monic were saving our place for the most awaited (at least for us) Bon Odori! It was so fun I swear! What can be more fun than dancing in an open field under the fullmoon, plus with hundreds of people around! We basically just had to follow the dance of the ladies on the stage so it wasn't that hard but I was sweating a lot! Hahaha I even stepped on someone's feet  Confirm will come again next year!


  1. Beautiful pictures :-)


  2. looks like fun, ada jkt48 ya? hehe.loving how the japanese culture is preserved in Indonesia <3

  3. it seems like you had lots fun <3 lovely photos!

  4. I love Photography, Japan & cute things!
    LOVE your blog, Sweetheart!
    I just followed you! :)
    Can't wait to see your next post, I'm waiting!


    QUIRKYLOVE By Sherley

  5. Wait a minute, this was in Jakarta?? When I first was scrolling down the pictures, I didn't notice Monas and I thought it was literally in Japan! haha

  6. It looks like fun, and lovely pictures & I want to try a ringoame too

  7. lovely photos! it's so cool that you have the festival where you live!


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