Monday, August 13, 2012

The heart that I spill on the pages

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This week is hectic! I didn't even manage to go out on last Saturday night (d'oh..) because I had to study for physics test (another d'oh...) which is happening tomorrow! But I'm sick of formulas so I'm blogging here before I'll continue studying again


  1. those pictures are so amazing and full of fun <3 love them. + your vest is amazing ;)

  2. i hope physics is going well for you, and it's okay to rest from studying from time to time. :)

    p.s. the cream puff looks so yummy!

    <3, Mimi
    Win 3 kinds of truffles from The Madelaine Chocolate Company! :)

  3. your vest is totally awesome,
    I love the color and the pattern. COOL.
    Goood luck for your school activities!

  4. Oh sweetie, thank you for following me <3 much love ! ! ! !

  5. i love beard papa as well :)
    cute tribal vest pretty !!

  6. omgg i love your vest !! btw i hope physics is going well for you :) good luck

  7. loving your vest!!! <3
    and you seems to have a lot of fun with your friends, ooohh how i miss high school :(
    thanks for your sweet comment in my blog btw, really appreciate it :)

  8. Aww, you look so cute and you also look like you are having fun :D

    Also hope your physic test went well (:

  9. Wah terima kasih kakak sudah promote blog saya :') wkwkwk

  10. Lovely blog.


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