Sunday, August 5, 2012

Make the clock reverse

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Went to Grand Indonesia with Diva today. It should be 3 of us in one package plus Jenny but she just told us she got an appointment to get her driving license at the last minute, so eventually we went without her ◖(´・ܒ・`)◗  my main purpose was to buy this month's Spoon or any Mori girl papier/lesson volume or any Mori girl bible that was available in Kinokuniya but unfortunately I found none of them. Felt betrayed and wrecked (hehe), my heart was collapsing as me and Diva decided to search for nice sun ray, for us, to take photo. Then we did, and I'm quite happy the pics turn out nice now hehe!


  1. always love your style :)
    yes, just like Japanese Girl Style.
    So sorry, hope you can find those Mori Lesson, dear..
    Looks nice.

  2. love your bag!
    oh and yes such a cute skirt with a bow :)
    Michelle Angeline

  3. your outfit. it is so lovely!
    where is the scoop shop located at? :)

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  4. Love your bags and you guys look so cute!!!!
    Lovely pictures!
    I followed you on gfc, hope you can follow me back)

  5. Such adorable pictures! I'm sorry if this has been asked a thousand times before but I'm new here! xD What kind of camera do you use?


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