Sunday, August 26, 2012

Long and boring

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This week was the best!
On Wednesday went to the mall with fellow mori girl/blogger, Monic (wah she requested a blurry face)and we ate sushi which I had been craving for months. Because I don't have that much allowance so I have to hold back my urge not to eat yummy (and expensive) food too often! The sushi dissapeared in one bite, though. Was the portion too small or my mouth was that big orz. We went to her house, then waited for my mom to pick me up, she made my curry rice (yay!) and I ate it while playing the-game-only-God-me-and-monic-knows (or you play it too? haha). Her house is the best okay!! I'm given loads of yummy food everytime I go there, and her pc, with this mega big monitor one can!! Perfect for stalking. And studying. ;) and check out her new BJD too Haru. Handsome isn't he?! (*´ڡ`●)
Then the other day I went to Pizza Hut with Michella, the main purpose was to do chemistry online test together but we ended up eating more food than the originally planned one...Makes me hungry nao! Btw I just went to Tokyopolis and had my first experience with butler cafe (*ФωФ) first time someone called me ojou-sama okay...then I'll tell you more in the next post! Btw my birthday dinner was featured in Stella's blog (go go check!)


  1. cute doll! :)

  2. waw seems so much fun wif ur friends :D want to follow each other?

    visit my new NAIL post yaa :D

    xoxo ♥♥

    grace |
    my blog "Storybook" | Pin For You

  3. I see Tokimemo *giggle*

    1. @Anonymous AH! I hope no one googles what Tokimemo is......orz hahaha

  4. Hi dear :) you look great hun! what do you think of following each other on GFC? let me know
    Keep in touch




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