Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pattaya floating market

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It's Pattaya Floating Market! Well just like the name, basically it's a market above the water and some seller just use boat to sell their things. Things are quite cheap here, and don't forget to buy the food! I ate crocodile meat satay here hahaha the meat was soft though out of my expectation. The market was really crowded and unfortunately it was raining when we got there. Thailand is on rainy season now but thank great God it only rained a little during my trip. You can find almost anything here! Including B2ST gift set from Tao Kae Noi kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa \(>A<)/ for 500 baht!!! Not really pricey la actually but heaven knew my dad wouldn't buy it for me :''D so I just took photo and bought 3 nori packages for 50 baht instead. Sad ending. :')


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  2. love it!!



  3. Love your shoes. Great photos. Followed you, follow us back? :)


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