Saturday, March 24, 2012

Late regrets

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Went out with Diva today. So tiring, the weather was scorching therefore the sky was so blue! But when I went home and done showering, I just realized I got sunburnt. 5 hours straight under the sun without sunblock. FML. I am tan now, even my face has this brownish-red colour. Ugggggh how am I supposed to go to school with this kind of skin!! (I mean the stripe marks beetween my old and new skin colour...actually reddish face looks pretty cute too HAHA).
This may be the last post for this month, as I'm going to face mid term exam hehe ヽ(`◇´)/


  1. Perfect photo and perfect place ! <3

  2. aih langit na bgus <33 haha ini d mna ca?

  3. love the sky colours ♥


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