Saturday, March 24, 2012

Late regrets

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Went out with Diva today. So tiring, the weather was scorching therefore the sky was so blue! But when I went home and done showering, I just realized I got sunburnt. 5 hours straight under the sun without sunblock. FML. I am tan now, even my face has this brownish-red colour. Ugggggh how am I supposed to go to school with this kind of skin!! (I mean the stripe marks beetween my old and new skin colour...actually reddish face looks pretty cute too HAHA).
This may be the last post for this month, as I'm going to face mid term exam hehe ヽ(`◇´)/

Before the dawn, my heart isn’t obsessed

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Shots were done when I was upset. I want things to go the way I wanted it to be.
Btw it was my first time do my own make up. Chio or not? Hehe :3

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Too afraid to fall

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How I miss taking photos.
Dad just offered to teach me how to use his DSLR, waiting for the right time until he finally pass it to his only daughter. I'm looking forward to go on a short trip because weather is being really nice these days. Oh and btw, sorry re-posting old photos because I wanted to blog but didn't have decent pic. Have a nice day, summers. :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

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I want to know how many scars you have
and memorize the shape of your tongue. 
I want to climb the curve of your lower back
and count your vertebrae.
                  your ribs
                your fingers
                your goose bumps.
I want to chart the topograohy of your anatomy and be fluent in your body language.
I want you, entire.

네가 있으면 좋겠다

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Bad life's been so bad. I don't hate it, but I do hate the people within lately, more often.
Family breakdown; dropping grades; friends being mean and ignorant (I'm not on my pms---which means I'm not making bad things myself up and I know that some of you are really ignoring me. OK. Not most of the time, but it's getting quite often. If you guys do it on purpose, well you've punished me well. Because I'm starting to be an athazagoraphobia again. at least try to appreciate me & my effort please. If you talk to me I've been responding. Now why don't you?

If you are reading this and feeling offended, please be better. because I'm trying to. エイ♪o(*´∇`)┌θ☆(ノ>_<)ノドカッ
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