Saturday, February 11, 2012

왠지 모든 게 낯설 때

 Yes, I didn't put my hopes up No, because I didn't want to be disappointed

It's weekend liao! Damn excited because I'm gonna sleep all day, yayness! Yesterday I watched Land of The Dead until 3 AM when I had to wake up at 4.30. My eyes are super sore yet I still be infront of the PC for hours hehehe.
This week was the worst; From Monday to Friday I felt everyone around me treated me real bad. This week also have too much pressure from school, didn't saw crush anywhere, failed on pre tests and tests, but the hardest part was trying to be fully awake and understand the lesson on every class. It's like searching for needle in the haystack (o´Д`)=з (o´Д`)=з (o´Д`)=з so tiring.....

But things always change, right?
and I'll bet my whole life tomorrow, because it's when ticket sales for #BeautifulShowINA starts. Must. Get. One. #PrayForChica

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