Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Phone camera #3

1 2
1) Old childhood necklace. Found during wardrobe cleaning.
2) Selca taken at resort on this post.
3) Munching biscuits while study chemistry, I was on friend's home and I went back on 11pm. Heehee such a hooligan.
4) Cupcake from friend's sweet 17 party.
5) Doodling and fangirling with face-painting crayons
6) Went home from school with taxi such a rich one, weather was drizzling super nice (>__>)
7) Scrapbook! (Yes, the one with middle parting bangs was me. on 5th grade orz)
8) School's assignment, combining our photo with future husband だ━━━ヽ(*ゝヮ゜*)ノノ━━━っ♪

Friday, February 24, 2012


101_6536 101_6537  
“So I sing rain, rain go away, come again another day, When I say it’s okay to give a little hell to pay.” 

Pic was taken back in Singapore a year ago. I was searching for a random place to take photo then the result surprised me with Singapore Flyer appearance.
Aaaaand, some of you may have noticed the changes here. Well, I didn't mean to make this blog layout looks like a cutesy korean/japanese related but it turns out like it is......orz at least I've tried. Tomorrow I'm going to Indonesia Fashion Week. Ugh. It's my first fashion related exhibition (actually going there because a friend is participating on it) because I'm not used to things like that. Should dig out my rotten clothes on wardrobe, haven't dressed up nicely in a long time :'> would be such a shame to come to fashion exhibition with my worn-out tee....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One Fine Day

101_3805 101_3820 101_3808 101_3807

Pics was taken back on Malaysia in 2011. Went to KL Tower at about 4/5 PM or so, and the sunflare was really nice! Too bad the place was like really crowded and observation deck was small so all pics were really close to my face D: it was hard to take photo, though, because people were passing by everywhere.
I'm really busy with school things, must take some remedial classes  (。♋ฺ‸♋ฺ。). Planning to change blog layout but I have no idea what it'd look like. Should take a really spare time to browse ideas hehe.

Monday, February 13, 2012

I know you think I'm beautiful, but I only just a mirror

101_3592 101_3385 101_3448 100_3611 101_3340
 (Why did I cross my legs all the time wtf)
Tomorrow (15 minutes again to be exact) is St. Valentine's Day!! I hope I can buy chocolate with cheaper price :'''D #foreveralone.jpg
by the way while I was touching up these photos of me on the graveyard, my house lights went out =__=; coincidence, eh? and I just read ghost stories so I'm kinda scared now....I guess I better watch funny videos on Youtube before I go to sleep or else I'll have nightmare...on Valentine's Day. :')

Saturday, February 11, 2012

왠지 모든 게 낯설 때

 Yes, I didn't put my hopes up No, because I didn't want to be disappointed

It's weekend liao! Damn excited because I'm gonna sleep all day, yayness! Yesterday I watched Land of The Dead until 3 AM when I had to wake up at 4.30. My eyes are super sore yet I still be infront of the PC for hours hehehe.
This week was the worst; From Monday to Friday I felt everyone around me treated me real bad. This week also have too much pressure from school, didn't saw crush anywhere, failed on pre tests and tests, but the hardest part was trying to be fully awake and understand the lesson on every class. It's like searching for needle in the haystack (o´Д`)=з (o´Д`)=з (o´Д`)=з so tiring.....

But things always change, right?
and I'll bet my whole life tomorrow, because it's when ticket sales for #BeautifulShowINA starts. Must. Get. One. #PrayForChica

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What if

101_4333 101_4370 101_4354 101_4378 101_4397 101_4396

On Saturday I was on Puncak---sort of highland. Went there to help friend with her church service managing the (wild and uncooperative, sigh) middle school students' religious activities. Pretty troublesome, actually because it's mainly her job which I don't have any bussiness with; but people look at us as a stick duo so the commitee asked her to count me in. And I had a high expectation earlier so I said yes eagerly.
It supposed to be fun, but well no it didn't. I typed a long ass story but just backspaced it. I don't want to cause any trouble :')

Btw I'm having hard time. I sucked at almost everything on school. I'm not gonna pass grade 11 cb, fml. #prayforchica
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