Sunday, January 29, 2012

I felt like a doll, everything I forgot seemed so small

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I ate tons of food, forgive my appetite. I ran out of money already so that means I won't be able to eat the whole next week. :'(
Today I went to the mall with Monica and her daughters (read: dolls). The red haired one is Aika, bob hair is Akiko, and the tiny one is Aria. First we ate at Ichiban sushi, then went to Dante coffee to take photo of the dolls (I swear the dolls had more pics than me! That's because I looked messy like I just bitchfought with the Plastics so I was turned down already when I saw myself in the mirror hahaha had no urge to pose) and ordered caramel macchiato. I've never drunk caramel macchiato before and it tasted pretty good I think.
We took photos with the doll outdoor and I tried to persuade Monic to lend her doll to me so I could bring it on my hand and people would stare at me lol *attention seeker* but I was right it really worked. Almost----no, everyone who passed me by had taken a look on the doll before they continued walking y( ̄(エ) ̄)y
In the evening before I went home, we managed to eat at QQ Kopitiam. I had no money left therefore I ordered peanut butter toast and teh tarik, but well, look at the size. I could finish all the toast in one bite, duh.....That's when I stayed there for almost 1 hour; 5 minutes to eat and the rest to use their wi-fi hahaha
After I hit home, I spent my Saturday night being forever alone as always. Family went to a late Christmas party, so I waited up for them to come home until 12am.

I guess I should go to sleep now, it's 3.30am and I have to wake up at 8am. Off to bed!

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