Monday, January 23, 2012

Crazy love


"Oh, I want to know all the books you read and your favorite sweets and why you hypnotize me"

Those 2 are actually old photo. Lately I'm digging up my CDs and the photos on it because I'm running out of pics to post. I felt fully energized on Sat but the feeling has gone now (mainly because tommorow I have school), too bad. Anyway I had CNY dinner last night, and today morning joined the choir for CNY mass, 7am. I was damn sleepy I can't concentrate on singing and right when I hit home, I fell asleep hahaha. slept for 4 hours straight till 1pm and I've been playing PC, strolling around Youtube to find good songs ever since. Pathetic........let's unite, forever alones on lunar new year.
Ugh, and I think I really need to go out more often ;___; I wanna take photos outside!

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