Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rice ball

I just found out that I was featured on Moments like Diamonds' #69 Fashion hime hehehe \(^0^)/ that's clearly the reason behind my increasing traffic, and followers... I almost got a mini heart attack when I was seeing the post because I submitted the form like, in June and it just came up now. By the way I was wondering why I have to get that 69 number....
These are the pics taken in Malacca, specifically the ones taken during my lunch in Famosa (I didn't know Famosa is that famous! They even have website orz I thought it was just an ordinary Chinese restaurant. No wonder the place was so crowded)
101_3862 101_3680

I was shocked because inside turned out that they had Wi-Fi Σ(O_O;)
Yay, chicken, pork, and duck! That round things on the right were rice balls, my first time eating them and they were nice! 
I was the first one who finished lunch...didn't eat much considering my weight gain during holiday :') then after filling tummy with great food we headed to Christ Church Melaka.


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